Did anyone catch the possible 12% tax increase in the Campbell River Mirror?

An article in the recent Campbell River Mirror outlined that there are alot of people who do not pay their bus fare in town.  Certainly, there are alot of people who cannot afford the fare, but surely others are only taking advantage.  That could cost homeowners an increase of almost 1% on taxes on a possible 12% increase! Wages and pensions have not increased anywhere near that amount.  How much a month will you have to put away for property taxes?  Will a substantial increase force you to sell your home, cut down on grocery expenses yet again.  Let us know your thoughts.  Check out the article in the Campbell River Mirror.

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    Seems to me that in the old days, if you did not have the money for bus fare, you WALKED! How can it be that 1% of our property tax increase will be due to people who do not pay for the bus?? If bus drivers would only say something to the effect of , either pay or walk, and/or if you do not get off the bus, I will be phoning the police. That may deter people from assuming they can use public transportation for free,

    withThe latest news is saying the property tax rate set by the new municipal government is set at almost 12%.
    Is there anything we can do to make a change?
    Can we organize a mass protest for the next council meeting?
    Can we get a non confidence vote based on what this council has done in the short time that they have been in office?out putting drivers at an unnecessary risk.