Message from the CR Ratepayers Association

Thanks for visiting our website and getting informed.

Please continue to learn about our wonderful city and let your voice be heard if you have any questions or concerns.

GET INVOLVED:  there are many organizations that welcome members and appreciate their input.  Currently our local business community has the following associations:  Downtown BIA, Campbellton BIA, Willowpoint BIA and the Pier Street Association.

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Campbell River makes acting City Manager’s role permanent.

Campbell River Mayor and Council has announced that Elle Brovold, acting City Manager, is  appointed to the position permanatly.  We would like to take this opportunity to welcome her to her new position.  Although, Ms. Brovold is not new to City Hall, this leadership program is new to her.  Let us hope she is up to the task and that she receives all the help needed to fulfill this position and take Campbell River to the next level.

Please read the full article in the Campbell River Mirror.

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9.97% Tax Increase for 2023 Property Taxes

Well, the figure has arrived!  9.97% property tax increase was announced by Campbell River City Council.  How are you feeling about that?  Council said that it may mean an extra amount of just less than $200.00 per an average priced home in town.  We shall see....  You can read the full article in the Campbell River Mirror.  Please let us know your thoughts.

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Get Ready It Is Going To Hurt!

As Campbell River City Council is preparing our annual property tax increase for 2023, they are already trying to prepare us for the next couple of years.  We are apparently going to be paying a larger than average increase not only this year but for the next 2 or 3 years.  How will this affect you and your finances?  Please let us know your feelings.  You can read the full article in the Campbell River Mirror

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Possible tax increase of 11.27%

My Campbell River Now has published that we are facing a possible property tax increase of 11.27%.  Let us hope that during the discussions that will be commencing can bring the tax increase below the double digits.  Let us know your thoughts on how to lower the increase.  Please read the full article here.

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Did anyone catch the possible 12% tax increase in the Campbell River Mirror?

An article in the recent Campbell River Mirror outlined that there are alot of people who do not pay their bus fare in town.  Certainly, there are alot of people who cannot afford the fare, but surely others are only taking advantage.  That could cost homeowners an increase of almost 1% on taxes on a possible 12% increase! Wages and pensions have not increased anywhere near that amount.  How much a month will you have to put away for property taxes?  Will a substantial increase force you to sell your home, cut down on grocery expenses yet again.  Let us know your thoughts.  Check out the article in the Campbell River Mirror.

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Campbell River makes National News!

Campbell River City Council has made National News with new bylaws.  With British Columbia passing legislation regarding legalization of small amounts of drugs, our City Council felt it necessary to pass these new bylaws in the attempt to keep local citizens safe.  What are your feelings with regards to these issues?  Are you feeling good, bad or indifferent?  Let us know your feelings.  These issues have been addressed in our local paper, the Campbell River Mirror as well as CBC.  Please read the full article in CBC news.

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Remember the days when everyone had a family Doctor?

It is not hard to remember those days as they are in the not so distant past.  How hard should it be to recruit physicians to this beautiful place.  Ocean to Alpine, Salmon Capital etc, used to be enough.  Fish, golf and ski in the same day....Can't believe the local doctors have had to approach City Council for help!  Are the taxes in BC too high? Let us know your thoughts, concerns and ideas to solve this problem.  Read the thoughts of our local physicians to help with recruitment in the Campbell River Mirror.

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