Message from the CR Ratepayers Association

Thanks for visiting our website and getting informed.

Please continue to learn about our wonderful city and let your voice be heard if you have any questions or concerns.

GET INVOLVED:  there are many organizations that welcome members and appreciate their input.  Currently our local business community has the following associations:  Downtown BIA, Campbellton BIA, Willowpoint BIA and the Pier Street Association.

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Do You Find This Website Beneficial, Would You Be Interested In Taking Over?

Tom Bakken has decided to step aside as the head of the Campbell River Ratepayers Association.  In addition to his resignation, the other volunteers are stepping aside as well.  Therefore, the website is effectively going to shut down at the end of June 2024.

If you feel that this website has value and are interested in taking it over and have like minded volunteers available, please contact us by way of this website.

The annual cost of keeping this website is approximately $500.00 per year.  It is up for renewal July 1 2024.

Thank you for all the support given in the past.





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Campbell River Mayor and Council exploring all options.

Although things did not go well for Mayor and Council with their plans regarding the Art Gallery, they are still exploring their options.  With a proposed property tax increase of another 9% for 2024, they are determined to get that number down and let us hope that they do.  One of the things that they are looking at is an increase in user fees.  Please read the following article in Campbell River Now.  Let us know your thoughts.

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Was Mayor & Council at the head of the pack?

Was our Mayor and Council ahead of the pack?  Remember when they wanted a bylaw passed about drug use in public places?  They took a lot of flack.  Now however, the BC Government says new legislation will try and deal with "public safety with empathy and support for people dealing with drug addiction".  This legislation will propose banning drug use in parks, beaches, sports fields, playgrounds and skate parks.  Please read the full article below.

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Campbell River has made CBC News once again.

Campbell River Mayor and Council are trying to keep property taxes from raising another 9% for 2024.  Are they going about it the right way?  Let us know your feelings on this.  The Campbell River Art Gallery and the Vancouver Island Mental Health Society have been declared to be "nuisance neighors" and are in jeopardy of losing tax exemptions.  These are not the only organizations on their radar.  The Campbell River Seniors Center Society among others are there as well.  What will happen to these if they loose funding??  Please read the full article above in CBC News.

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