Pro-development does not mean pro high rise or affordable housing

Seymour Pacific is seeking a variance so a 12 story building can be built on their property at 525 South Dogwood beside the liquor store at Merecroft Village Plaza. This 80 unit high-rise, along with 28 townhomes, will be situated between the Million Dollar All Weather Soccer Field and the Cinema. The forty suites on the east side of the building will have the greenest, best maintained front yard in the city.

This proposed high-rise and 28 townhomes, is in addition to the 71 units SP has already built. A competitor’s building next door will have 65 units. This is an incredible addition to density, both of people and vehicles. Who will be footing the bill for the inherent problems this project brings to this neighbourhood.

These apartments will without doubt capitalize on the view that is available from the high-rise to establish rental rates. A two bedroom, two bathroom suite is $1,400 in the low rise at 525 South Dogwood with confirmation from SP that the tower suites’ rent will be higher. These units are definitely not “affordable housing. Renters from Down Island and the Mainland will find these rates appealing because of the higher rates they are accustomed to, and in so doing raise the rents for all Campbell Riverites.

Residents on surrounding side streets have already experienced additional traffic from development and the installation of the street lights on Dogwood, and are concerned about an additional increase in cross-cutting traffic that seeks to avoid the traffic and lights on Dogwood. A concern that is exacerbated by the addition of another residential area at Erickson and S Dogwood.

Being Pro-development does not require one to be Pro High rise.

Does the addition and precedence of a 12 story high rise reflect ratepayers vision for the city?

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    I can’t see the City approving this variance for a number of reasons not the least of which is that they would be unable to provide fire protection. The current ladder truck will not reach.

    I checked on the city website and Campbell River Fire Dept., has a 100ft aerial truck. Googling that – I found this info,”In a high rise fire, firefighters typically use the stairs and connect their hoses to hookups in the stairwell a floor below the fire. They will then ascend to the fire floor and put the fire out from the inside. In order to get water there are hookups called fdc ‘s that the engines hook to supply water. Also most high rises have fire pumps in the building itself which supply water to the stand pipe system” Don’t know if this helps