Next Mayor and Council will be paid more

Next Campbell River mayor and council will be paid more than this one

They say it is extra taxation…….any bets there is an increase as well……

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    I would love to get in on this bet, unfortunately I’ll be needing every cent I have for the next round of tax increases that will inevitably be coming our way.

    Andy Adams and the entire Council need to be removed and replaced with a group of men and women that appreciate the environment they are in charge of while economically stimulating our depressing downtown area.

    Have you ever driven down Shopper’s Row at 6PM on a Saturday in the summer? There are people EVERYWHERE and yet barely a handful of shops are open to serve a booming tourist community. That is not a shot at the current businesses in town, they are fantastic from my experiences, but a telling fact that our Council has made it so inhibitive to thrive down there that most won’t even bother to inquire about becoming a business owner in Campbell River.

    What happens when commercial / business taxes aren’t balanced properly against residential taxes? Businesses leave town or can’t sustain themselves (high residential taxes leave less for spending in the community) and close shop while leaving the tax burden on the shoulders of those of us that don’t use 90% of the taxed infrastructure we continually have to pay for.

    Seems reasonable.

    I work hard, you make poor decisions, I pay for said poor decision making. You give yourself a raise for a job…done.

    Do I need to mention the fact that this year has seen major projects undertaken, at the same times, affecting the two main thoroughfares and other areas, when they could have been done during evenings or around main traffic times? Let’s inconvenience thousands for the convenience of a few?

    What happened to the City’s plan to help with getting more people into rentals as well? Well they did issue a ridiculous amount of permits for multi-unit dwellings (apartments) to be built (take a look at almost every major block in town, I bet you’ll have 200 new neighbours soon!)…except the rent is higher in these places than anything we have ever seen before. How exactly does that help the issue of HIGH priced rentals and homes?

    The planning in this City is horrendous and it starts at the top.

    We have now moved to a new town paying half the taxes and receiving twice the services (such as daily plowing, removal of leaves, chipper truck, sidewalk crew repairs on a regular basis…). After living in five provinces CR takes the prize for the most taxes ever paid comparing assessment values Apple for Apple. This reason contributed to our decision to move.
    Quality of life is important and we miss the friendly small town vibe but I don’t like contributing to a tax authority that has no difficulty in raising taxes year after year.