City of Campbell River passes 2.1 per cent tax increase

City of Campbell River passes 2.1 per cent tax increase

2.1% increase to property taxes – already had an excess collected for 2017 of 11% but still need more???

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    too high, much too high…..

    reduce services-

    example: parks, a boat ramp and playing fields are enough for recreation
    scrap the rest – let private sector fill the other needs

    Poorly managed use of tax dollars….

    We are retired and on a limited pension. I understand that we all need to pay taxes to provide the services we all require. I am not ok with how our city spends our tax money. I see a waste of tax dollars daily as I travel through Campbell River. Here are some examples.

    The equipment the city owns are all late models. No older model pick-ups, gravel trucks, tractors, cars etc.

    Spending tax dollars for traffic calming and accomplishing nothing more then irritating the driving public.

    Planting non native trees on dogwood street south that are doing very poorly.

    Watching city crews take a day to do what a contract crew could do in an hour or two. Adding to that seeing a city supervisor on a regular basis taking a city owned car home for his lunch hour, hour and half. All paid by our tax dollars.

    It is the job of Mayor and council to insure that our tax dollars are well spent. For some time now I have seen no accountability from the municipal government to take the best interest of the tax payers into consideration. Spend more money, no problem, we will just raise property taxes.

    To be honest, I am tired of being taken advantage of. I know if I managed my personal finances as the city does I would have been living on the street a long time ago. Most of us are not able to charge someone else to make up for our financial shortcomings.